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Detailed Advanced Ultrasound

12 weeks scan
  1. Measurement of nuchal translucency
  2. Assessment of the nasal bone
  3. Assessment of ductus venosus flow
  4. Assessment of tricuspid flow
  5. Measurement of uterine artery PI
  6. Cervical Length Assessment
  7. Risk  assessment done and reporting done of Risk for Trisomy 21, trisomy 13, trisomy 18
  8. Risk  assessment done and reporting done of Risk for preeclampsia, PIH and fetal growth restriction
  9. Risk  assessment done and reporting done of Risk for preterm birth
Anomaly Scan at 20 weeks

The evaluation in anomaly scan is done as per FMF criteria and images are demonstrate the following views:

  1. Transverse view of the head at the level of the septum cavum pellucidum for measurement of biparietal diameter, head circumference, hemisphere and cerebral ventricles
  2. Suboccipital-bregmatic view of the head for measurement of cerebellum and cisterna magna
  3. Transverse views of the face through the orbits and the upper lip and maxilla
  4. Sagital view of the face (profile) demonstrating the nasal bone
  5. Four-chamber view of the heart
  6. Views demonstrating the outflow tracks of the heart
  7. Transverse view of the abdomen at the level of the stomach and umbilical vein for measurement of the abdominal circumference
  8. Transverse views of the abdomen to demonstrate the kidneys
  9. Transverse or longitudinal view to demonstrate the umbilicus
  10. Transverse or longitudinal view to demonstrate the bladder
  11. Longitudinal view to demonstrate measurement of the femur
  12. Longitudinal view to demonstrate the leg and foot
  13. View of the open hand
  14. One or two longitudinal views demonstrating the whole spine
  15. Transverse view of the sacral spine
  16. Longitudinal view demonstrating the relation between the lower end of the placenta and the cervix
    1. 3D and 4D assessment of the fetus
    2. STIC use for fetal echo
    3. Risk assessment of Trisomy 21 after soft marker evaluation
    4. Uterine artery Doppler assessment for uteroplacental insufficiency
    5. Cervical length measurement with predication of risk of preterm birth
    6. Comprehensive reporting by ASTRAIA gmbh ,Germany software…..
    7. Use of Indian fetal biometry for better prediction and diagnosis for fetal growth restriction