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Fetal Autopsy

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Fetal Autopsy

In circumstances where there is uncertainty about the precise cause of death, a perinatal autopsy and pathological examination of the placenta will often provide helpful information for the parents as well as for clinicians.
the results of a postmortem examination may be helpful in the management of a subsequent pregnancy. In approximately one third of “unexplained” stillbirths, an expert postmortem examination reveals an explanation for the death.

The cause of fetal or perinatal death was determined by autopsy in 94% of cases autopsy findings in about 30%.
The autopsy may reveal a change in diagnosis or additional findings in 22% to 76% of cases.
If confirmation of clinical findings is included, then the value of the perinatal autopsy was as high as up to 100%.
Clinicians can confidently advise parents of the usefulness of the perinatal autopsy in ascertaining the cause of death or for counseling their future pregnancies.

Procedure at Our center-

  • Written consent for the perinatal autopsy
  • Fetal sampling for chromosomal / genetic study
  • Fetogram( X ray of the fetus in AP and Lateral position)
  • Fetal tissue and fetal macroscopic evaluation and reporting
  • Primary aim is to verify the findings and diagnosis of the fetus done antenatally
  • Evaluation of cranium, thoracic & abdominal cavity
  • Histopathology of the fetal organs, as per need and diagnosis

Report will be given after 3 weeks